2022-01-19: we received funding from Magnus Bergvall foundation.


2022-01-17: Linnea Anjemark starts her master thesis project in medicine. She will try to construct a schizophrenia index.


2021-12-20: Mårten Johansson, Aleksi Markkanen and Johanna Gratjova sucessfully presented their theses.


2021-11-08: we received funding from Stiftelsen Psykiatriska Forskningsfonden.


2021-09-01: master students Mårten Johansson, Aleksi Markkanen and Johanna Gratjova starts their projects.


2021-07-06: paper accepted in Molecular Psychiatry with Mikael Landén and Andreas Göteson et al: Cerebrospinal fluid proteomics targeted for central nervous system processes in bipolar disorder.


2021-07-01: medical student Emel Mehdi starts summer internship in the lab.


2021-06-18: we received funding from Svenska Läkaresällskapet.


2021-05-06: we received funding from Sahlgrenska University Hospital.


2021-04-21: we received funding from the Olle Engkvist's foundation.


2021-03-30: dr Mahnaz Nikpour will join the group and start working on IPS cell models during the summer.


2021-02-24: paper accepted in Journal of Neurochemistry with Mikael Landén and Johanna Kleppe: Cerebrospinal fluid and serum protein markers in autism: a co-twin study.


2021-01-25: Postdoc position for 2 years available.


2021-01-12: Melina Dukell and Shiva Hadi presented their masters theses In vitro model of bipolar disorder with focus on neural development and Measuring the activity of GSK3β in HeLa cells.


2021-01-04: we received funding from Kurt och Ingrid Dahrén's foundation.


2020-12-15: we received funding from Söderström-Königska foundation.


2020-12-14: Salma Mohamed successfully presented her masters thesis Stratifying bipolar disorder patients based on prototypicality using the Bipolarity Index.


2020-12-14: we received funding from Åke Wiberg foundation.


2020-12-08: we received funding from Lars Hierta's foundation.


2020-11-06: we received funding from Jeansson foundation.


2020-08-25: starting joint lab meetings with project presentations and journal clubs together with Sterky and Mondal groups.


2020-08-24: master students in pharmacy Melina Dukell and Shiva Hadi joins the lab. They will work on neural differentation of IPS cells and GSK3β. Also master student in medicine Salma Mohamed starts her project on new ways of stratifying bipolar disorder patients.